Multi Guard 120 kVA

Power Range: 120 kVA

15-120 KVA

Le Multi Gard 15-120kVA est un onduleur à système modulaire évolutif triphasé / triphasé avec la technologie double conversion: sa plage de puissance de 15 kVA à 120 KVA offre la meilleure combinaison entre fiabilité, fonctionnalité et flexibilité.

La configuration parallèle de N + X Multi Guard 15-120kVA une conception modulaire trés intelligente qui permet d’atteindre une disponibilité maximum en puissance et en redondance.

Cette solution a été spécialement conçue pour assurer une protection maximale des Data Center à mission critique ou des applications critiques.

Dans une armoire standard, il peut être installé jusqu’à 8 modules pour atteindre une puissance maximale de 120 kVA. Si la charge est dans ces limites, vous pouvez remplacer les modules sans interruption assurant ainsi une continuité d’alimentation.


System features

  • Maximum 120kVA capacity in a 19“ rack.
  • Input power factor >0.99
  • THDi <2% and output voltage distortion equal to 1.5%.
  • 15 kVA per module with hot-swap function.
  • The LCD display on the front panel displays unit status and important information such as input and output nominal values, capacity, temperature and autonomy.
  • Communication port for standard Ethernet and relay contact board.
  • DSP technology, IGBT input.
  • 36 Ampere battery charge current on a 120 kVA system.

Further advantages

  • The Multi Guard UPS power modules use the latest DSP microchip technology. This reduces hardware components, increases UPS reliability and also makes it easier to update and maintain the software.
  • The UPS operates with load sharing technology. Should any of the UPS modules fail, the load will be taken over by the rest of the modules without interruption. This increases the real time operation and power availability compared to other standby UPS.
  • The Multi Guard UPS is designed to connect to external battery banks in order to ensure the required battery run time.

Advanced Modular Design

The Multi Guard system contains UPS modules, a LCD Display module, the PDU and other accessories. Each UPS module is a fully independent 15kVA UPS. Thanks to the advanced wireless parallel control technology and smart communication, the UPS modules and LCD display modules can be easily replaced at any time without affecting UPS operation. The user friendly “plug & play” design simplifies UPS servicing and maintenance.

The Multi Guard de-centralises the control units in each UPS Module. The LCD Display module is for display and communication purposes only. If the LCD Display module fails, the UPS system still functions and supports the load without any interruption.

High capacity MTBF

System MTBF for two modules in parallel is more than 1,000,000 hours and power availability is above 99.999%. Each 15-120 kVA redundant configuration guarantees correct operation even in the event of the failure of one of the UPS modules. The module replacement procedure only takes 5 minutes for full system recovery.

This solution allows you to:

• Minimise downtime;

• Reduce the number of stored spare parts;

• Avoid the need for specialised technicians

Intelligent recharging system

The Multi Guard UPS system applies a two step intelligent charging system. The first stage is a constant charging current that can recharge the battery capacity to 90% very quickly. The system then transfers to a constant voltage mode to guarantee the battery can stay fully charged all the time.

This intelligent charging system not only reduces the battery recharging time but also extends battery life, saving on battery replacement costs.

Modular Autonomy

The Multi Guard 30 and 60 versions are designed to build up internal run time using a single battery module for all power and autonomy requirements.

The same battery module is also used to build up the required autonomy in an external cabinet.

Low total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

− Lower system set-up costs

− Lower energy costs

− Lower cooling costs

− Lower expansion costs

− Lower maintenance costs.

UPS power selection

The Multi Guard can be configured from 1 up to 8 modules in its cabinet to form the most suitable N + X configuration for the application.

Multi Guard grows as your needs grow by simply adding further UPS modules and battery modules to the existing frame. The initial investment is recuperated in cost savings. New power supply requirements can be satisfied without complex and costly replacement operations.